History of the duct tape goes back to 1945, during World War II there was a need for waterproof, strong cloth-based tape that could keep moisture out of the ammunition cases. Johnson & Johnson invented in 1945. Ever since then, it’s become common knowledge that you can fix everything with duct tape.

Within the TheEndApp, duct tape is the currency. You collect it while running, and then spend it to buy goodies for your camp. You should buy stuff that ensures your survival, like a brandy distiller, a dog kennel, dumbbells, and of course, a hammock. Your camp can be upgraded to a luxury camp, but you gotta be a great runner to achieve that.

Duct tape has a long history in media. Cult TV series such as MacGyver, Beavis and Butthead, Two and a Half men, and Mythbusters have featured Duct Tape. Not to mention big-budget movies like Apollo 13.


  • A duct tape factory produces 5.5 million miles of duct tapes every year. Thats enough to circle the earth 235 times!
  • 100 Million USD worth of duct tape is sold yearly.
  • A duct tape roll is 5-foot wide and 1,500 yards before it is cut down to normal size.
  • As many as 1 million rolls of duct tape have been used by the Nasa on shuttle missions. It was used on Apollo 13 to repair carbon dioxide filters.
  • Nascar cars are patched up during races with duct tape.
  • Duct tape can stand up to 100 mph winds.
  • There are eight companies producing duct tape in the US alone.
  • It’s possible to stabilize a knee, a broken neck, and even prevent Frostbite with Duct Tape.
  • Duct tape can be used for security.
  • You can make post it note with Duct Tape.
  • Go green with duct tape! Instead of using a chemical insecticide, place duct tape to the floor upside down and catch bugs with it. You will save money and help the environment!
  • Duct Tape is perfect for fix-it jobs around the house.
  • Save money at the movies! Wear baggy clothes and then duct tape snacks (such as candy, cheese puffs, tortilla chips and even soda cans!) around your ankles, stomach, and other, um, places when going to the movies.
  • Secure your future with Duct Tape! Duck Tape brand Duct Tape hosts an annual ‘Stuck at Prom’ scholarship. All you have to do is create your entire Prom Dress out of duct tape, wear it to Prom and take lots of memorable pictures! If chosen, Duck Tape will give you a scholarship to college.
  • Prevent overspending by Duct Taping your wallet shut! Even better, make your next wallet out of Duct Tape!